WHY: TOMARS Expediting ventures to Mars is non-negotiable and will exponentially enhance the quality of earthlings.

HOW: PGCIA By innovating space lifestyle by alliances between astropreneurs with space frontiers, accelerated through sharing knowledge, experience, infrastructure, and market reach.

WHAT: CX42 Creating a premium retail hub to showcase, launch, and merchandise Space Lifestyle products and services.


VISION: TOMARS believes in tapping into the unutilized resources of outer space to increase the global standard of living for all

VALUES: Innovation giving back to humankind from exponentially enhanced lifestyle to wealth

MISSION: Address the immediate difficulties with space travel through market creation, not compromising to drive innovation for space tourist &explorers

TEAMS: Team is global Domain Network Advisors and young ASTROPRENEURS innovating space ventures from our accelerator program


TOMARS concept was conceived in May 2019 at BTX event and formally announced on 2nd March 2020, by TICONS – “Aryan” – Canadian Teen, “Rishkandha” – Polimoda, Italy alumni and mentored by “Er. Tomar” – Immersive Infotainment Evangelist, with XR support from Korean.
Pixel galaxy seed-funded this greenfield venture concept to a vision of changing the way people viewed SPACE investment. TOMARS established the Domain Network Advisors teams at PGCIA accelerator and offered product launch, merchandise, and service at CX42 Space Lifestyle hub.


Details of the timeline are to be revised since the COVID pandemic has effected the initial round of fundraising efforts from the World Bank for PGCIA.


In 2019, Er. Tomar at Pixel Galaxy started BTX event to establish the TOMARS brand as a greenfield venture. In 2020, TOMARS’ UX Strategist, Rishkandha from Florence, Italy & Canadian teen Aryan developed the TOMARS logo and business model under the mentorship of Polimoda faculties.
An icon was born. As it has traveled through time, most of its offerings and meanings remain the same.
Co-founder Canadian teenager Aryan proactively remains technical lead since the inception of the brand.
The founders are 18th generation descendent of dynasty’s founder Anangapal Tomar, who founded Delhi in 736 CE, followed through the 9th-12th century, the Tomars of Delhi ruled most of the provinces connected with Delhi, for over dozen generations.


TOMARS is making an association with highly intellectual Domain Network Advisors with the expertise required to accelerate the progress of the venture.
TICON is an abbreviation of the co-founder of TOMARS’ TICON who incubated the vision and WHY for the brownfield venture at Pixel Galaxy Studio.
One of the co-founders been fortunate to get the concept plan reviewed by the Polimoda, Italy mentors, and professors as fina year project for BFA at Polimoda.