The purpose of The CREZ franchise is to inspire & entertain the human race across the planet through the innovation in immersive storytelling, reflecting the iconic IP’s with techno-creative geniuses.

Transform the world’s premier infotainment and edutainment EXPERIENCE company.

CREZ is an immersive experience zone concept for Location-Based Infotainment by evolving fusion of eXtended Reality with Six Senses & beyond.

CREZ 2.0 concepts are conceived by Immersive Innovation Evangelist Er. Tomar, based on his 25 years of rich GLOBAL experience in Education & Gaming


is a science fiction trilogy concept around Pamela and her companion’s FHAWK vogue, conceived by Tomar V.
The story follows Pamela – a crazy Spanish Gastronaut on her assignment with her companion…..and disaster strikes! The FHawk crashes, leaving Pamela & her companion Momoko completely alone on MARS.


is a docudrama, runs from the era of kingdoms to democratic India. It runs from ancient village civilization to citadels to cities and towns to hi-tech future cities. It showcases a journey of self-realization by a teenage girl, Bella, who becomes a professional biker and participates in an international touring race on her cycle. All in all, i Deja Vu never stops and keeps running. What appears an end, might be a new beginning of this journey.

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are the immersive infotainment insules (Immersive capsules) around RGBs, who appears on the mobile phone pannel, like emoticons. Aar, Gee, and Bee interacts with animated celebrity guests who make an appearance on the Mobile panel to promote their CG property while keeping the audience in peals of laughter with wit and humor, mostly festival or occasion-based.