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Who We Are ?

TOMARS wants to celebrate a different type of lifestyle, TOMARS is curating a new generation of fashion & lifestyle accessories for the Space Industry by a team of techno-creative passionate people establishing the planet’s first Space Industry Hub known as CREZ (Concept Realism Experience Zone). TOMARS is a space-age lifestyle retail concept, a technologically interactive store to lead future progress in exploration, discovery, and extraordinary innovation as a lifestyle is the interface of the future. The brick and mortar retail offer a combination of independent companies and designers from around the world. TOMARS aims to create positive, forward-looking, optimistic pictures within their brand and in the minds of others. TOMARS believes that to increase the global standard of living, we must go to space to tap its unlimited resources. TOMARS aims to be the most preferred destination offering immersive customer experience while planning for the Space venturers - through collaborative innovation, team, mentors and to inspire future generations and to push past mankind's immediate difficulties with space travel through market-creating, not competing to drive innovation for space tourists and explorers.